Beyonce’ is BEYONCE’ there ain’t no competition!!!

I just find it funny how people constantly wanna compare and put Beyonce’ in a competition  with other artist. Meanwhile Bey has never wished anything bad on anybody and has never stopped anyone from making a name for themselves. Haters love to say she needs to leave and give someone else a chance but how exactly is her being successful hurting other peoples chances at success? If anything she opened doors and set an example for a higher standard for up and coming artist. Beyonce’ is worried about out doing and bettering herself! She has said it and proved it on numerous occasions 

Example: View my edit below— 2010 Vizio Tv commercial—2011 Billboard Awards Performance— 2013 Superbowl Performance and New Pepsi commercial

Catch Bey’s classy shade lol Her ONLY competition is herself She ain’t pressed over no basic bitches :D

Made by me: May 30th 2012

Made by me: May 30th 2012

I’m a PROUD Stan.! <3

4/25- Beyonce is named People Maginize "WORLD"S MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN"

4/26- Nicki MInaj premiers “STARSHIPS” video

4/26- Usher releases 2nd single "SCREAM"



Made this 4 Bey.! &lt;3

Made this 4 Bey.! <3

CALLING ALL TeamMinaj TeamUsher & Beyhive Members.!!!


My Advanced Communications class in school will be working on Film projects soon & my concept will be to prove the POSITIVE effects of the media i.e. my favorite artist/teams. With that said I ask that those of you who are interested please submit to me a video OR written (Online or via text msg.) of what team ur on & why.?? Please explain the positive effects the artist and the TEAM has had on YOUR life.! 



-Angel aka BUsherMinaj